Sweet Elizabeth

This morning marked what should be the last appointment with my high risk OB before I deliver. I didn’t realize this beforehand, otherwise I probably would have tried to savor the ultrasound even more than I did. The news was all good. The first thing I was told was that she is in the head down position. I practically let out a “whoop!” and definitely exclaimed, “Good girl, Elizabeth!” I had a feeling she had moved from breech, to transverse then finally to head down just last week. And by “feeling” I mean hard and swift kicks to the ribs as she got herself that way. I was having coffee with a friend when it all went down (pun intended!). I could barely stay in my seat and nearly spilled my peppermint mocha all over the place. Totally worth it. I know I’d been told by all the medical professionals I’m seeing that I would and should be able to deliver her breech, but the thought always made me uneasy. Labor and delivery make me nervous enough–especially this one–so, this news was a relief…and an answer to prayer.

More good news: she’s estimated to weigh four pounds, right on track for a 33 week old baby. At my regular OB appointment last week I was measuring four weeks behind, so it was nice to find out that she’s where she’s supposed to be and it’s simply due to how I carry (read: my freakishly long torso). She’s still swallowing well and my amniotic fluid was in the average range, another big praise. My doctor noted that she was “very active”–something I could have told him months ago. I’m not sure if she really does move a lot more than my other kids did, or if I just notice it more with her, but this baby never stops. And I love it. In the picture I got today, she has her little hand up by her face, a favorite move of hers.

Since she’s head down and “thriving” according to my doctor, he won’t need to see me again before delivery unless a problem arises. He made sure I still have support in place and asked me to call him after Elizabeth is born so that he can come visit us in the hospital. What a blessing my high risk doctor has been throughout this pregnancy.

Still coveting your prayers, friends. We’re in the homestretch now and I’m feeling many emotions as Elizabeth’s due date draws closer. I’m truly excited to meet her, still praying for a miraculous healing, all while preparing for the worst. I’m constantly claiming Romans 8:28, constantly having to relinquish control and trust God with all of this. He has been so gracious and He is so faithful.

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  1. Read this whole post with a smile on my face. What a sweet gift Elizabeth is! I love your picture! You always look so beautiful pregnant!

  2. Elizabeth Grace! I don’t understand any of this (ie, “head down”, breech etc), but it’s a joy to read.

    Love you, Leah!

  3. Anonymous

    i’m glad to read this and see how excited you are and strong. i will keep you and your family in my prayers continuously throughout the next few weeks and months. god works in mysterious but wonderful ways and he has led you down this path for a reason. your so strong and keep us posted on your natural birth

  4. I am so very happy for you Leah & Onan. I prayed right after I read this! I love you both +4 🙂 I wish you the best.

  5. I’m praying for you and Onan and will continue to do so. I’m glad that you received such good reports at this appointment!
    Margaret (a friend of Onan’s in college)

  6. aimee henderson

    funny you would note how active she was…Micaiah the baby we lost was soo much more active than all the others and even though i didnt know the whole time that we would only have her a short while i can look back at little moments that i feel like God blessed me with during her pregnancy that i dont feel like i experienced throughout the others. praying for you friends!

  7. Im rejoicing with you and praying for you. May the Lord grant you abundant grace and mercy. I wish I had wise and comforting words to offer you. May the Lord be your portion.
    Blessings and peace, Dana

  8. i hate that i have to say this via the internet, wish i was seeing you face to face…..beautiful, inside and out. I’m honored to be your friend. so happy for the good report from the doc and that elizabeth is head down. praying for a miracle right along with you. your lives are an amazing testimony to loving God no matter what and He is going to bless you for that. love ya.

  9. Hey Leah,

    Mrs. Morrison here! Your mom gave me your blog info in our annual Christmas card exchange.

    I’ve been reading thru your posts about Elizabeth and it was so sweet to read how GOD has truly blessed you and your hubby thru all of this. First, let me say that I will add you and Onan to our prayer list as you go thru this next month, waiting for her to come and for GOD to call her home. I hope that you celebrate her brief life, as you would any other birth. Take photos of her, for your memories.

    I don’t know if you’ve heard of Angie Smith, but she has a blog as well about the birth of her daughter Audrey Caroline….it’s Bring on the Rain. It’s a great read.

    Anyway, so you guys are in NW GA? We live in SW GA! In Albany! Small world, huh?? John is working at Sherwood Christian as the Counselor and I’m subbing/tutoring at the moment there as well. Our sweet little guy, JEB, is 11 now. He is truly the light of our lives! We have a blog too! jebsjourney.blogspot.com Come on over sometime and give us a visit!! I would love to keep in touch. I’m on facebook as well.

    GOD bless you and keep you as you endure this test from HIM. Will be praying for you all.


  10. FellowMommaof4

    You epitomize being Christlike. I cry for you in sorrow & joy. May you continue to have strength, hold that sweet Elizabeth hostage for a little longer, & kiss every inch of her beautiful God given body while enjoying every second you have to hold her. You are remarkable & I have been blessed to read your blog. Thank you for letting His light shine before men.

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