Charlotte’s First (Professional) Manicure

We were able to go “home” to South Florida the week of thanksgiving and were blessed to see lots of friends and family while down there. My youngest sister, Amy, even came down from the Big Apple for a few days. We hadn’t seen her in almost a year, so it was especially nice to get to spend time together. She wanted to take Charlie out for a manicure–something I hadn’t planned on doing til she was five (okay, fine, at least three), but Amy insisted: “There are ALWAYS toddlers getting their nails done when I go in New York!” (Well, I don’t doubt that.) I thought it would be something special Charlotte could share with her aunt, and she’s about as princess-y as they come, so I knew she would love it.
First things first: picking out her nail color with Aunt Amy (pink, of course!).

A little timid at the start: “Um, what exactly is going to happen here?”

Starting to relax during the massage portion (always the best part!)

Oh yes, I do think I like this!

Time for the polish…

Ooh la la!

I think we may have to make this a weekly occurence, Mom!

Time to dry…

Thanks for treating me to my first mani, Aunt Amy!

I have a feeling there will be many more to come…

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